Calling in all my HOT Mamas!

For all my hot moms out there! Even my dog and cat moms! The ones who don’t have time to fit the gym into their busy schedules.

You have no excuse now, here I created the perfect 60 day workout program that you can do right at home! Only little to no workout equipment required, you can’t beat that.

Learn my powerful weight training technique to ensure lean muscle mass while shredding down body fat.

Here you will receive:

  • 3 weekly weight training sessions / Split: Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body

  • 2 weekly cardio sessions / HIIT cardio options

  • Weight Loss Meal plan

  • Food list to customize your plan

  • Detox drink recipes [my free gift to you]

Equipment required:

  • Set of 5lb dumb bells DB)

  • Set of 10lb dumb bells (DB)

  • 15-20lb kettle bell (KB)

Copy of 30 day challenge (3).png

Need to learn more about this program? Let’s talk!